If your ventures are failing . . . or you are not producing the results in business you want . . . I know why.

I do know why and I’m going to tell you flat-out why in this article here!

After 10 years of consulting business owners and online marketers, I can usually pinpoint why most people are failing pretty quickly and without too much digging around. Most people fall into the same buckets or categories . . . and most run into the exact same road-blocks or obstacles (or barriers). Humans are very much similar and we all sort of run up against the same barriers on our journeys. It’s just that some can breakthrough the barriers and move past them, trucking right along forward, while others get caught-up or snagged on the barriers forever.

If you get caught in one of these barriers, it’s like going in circles for years. I even remember looking at old notes of mine in an old crusty notebook I had written in years ago. I found I had the same barrier back then, years and years ago. Some barriers are just blocks that cripple us from getting to the next level in business.

Here are some of the major barriers I see over and over again:


I get a ton of online marketers and information marketers who just cannot break-through to earning big. They may not realize what their barrier even is, but they are like mice who cannot get out of one of those mazes. They just go in circles, in panic mode, and wear themselves out, while getting nowhere. They just keep running into walls while they run around over and over again.

Well, one of the main reasons is they cannot convert at all. They are not good at copywriting, not good at sales, not good at marketing and not good at promotions. They do not put themselves in the customer’s shoes and cannot convert traffic into dollars. This causes them to fail for years. What they NEED is the ability to convert. PERIOD! Without conversions, FORGET ABOUT IT!

It’s a barrier that will stay there kicking you in your teeth until you solve it. It will derail everything you dream about accomplishing until it’s solved. There is no mistake about this, and you know it (if this is you).

My recommendation is simple. There are only TWO things you can do about this barrier!

1. Pay someone to handle conversions for you!

I know, I know, it is painful to pay other people to do things for you. It is hard when you are scraping by anyway, so now you have to pay someone a lot of money to handle conversions for you right? BUT without conversions, you have no real business. So, it’s a ‘cart before the horse’ situation. You pay to get paid. Most cannot do it, and that means they fail. Period. It’s as simple as that. No need looking into this more than this. If you are not earning big, you are not converting and probably do not own the skill-set to convert yet.

2. Learn conversions yourself and put your head down and study the heck out of it!

Problem here is some people just cannot do that. They cannot study this. They have too much of a block so it gets in the way and messes it all up. They study and study but never get it because it’s not their strength or ability. There’s a writer block or psychological block to conversions, so it’s extremely difficult to master it well enough to convert.

However, others can pull it off and get good enough at it to convert. The only way to get good at it though is to DO IT! This is another cart before the horse situation.

So — can you convert? If you cannot convert, then that’s reason number one why you are failing to reach the levels you want.

Traffic And Lead Generation!

The next major reason why most fail is because of a lack of traffic and leads! The Holy Grail of making money online is traffic. Most cannot get traffic or high quality traffic, so they fail for years.

If you are good at conversions, you can pull off a sizeable income just because it takes very little traffic to make big dollars with high conversions and high ticket (high priced) offers. But still, it’s a ticking time bomb if you cannot get new leads and new traffic.

Right now, the way we are getting traffic is from Facebook Advertising and that’s the best around.

For example, some businesses pay PER CLICK elsewhere… what we are paying to get a LEAD on Facebook. An attorney might be paying $30 per click and we might be generating leads for $12 per lead. (Read that again).

YET AGAIN though… the problem here is most people only scratch the surface of generating traffic and leads on Facebook. They do not know what they are doing and they are wasting tons of money trying to make it work. There are only TWO things you can do about this:

1. Learn, study and master Facebook ads yourself (could take years unless you really apply yourself)

2. Get someone else to do it for you who is already masterful at it (speed!)

I think 99% should pick #2 and just buckle down and pay someone else to do it for you (while you learn and master it yourself).

One thing I’ve found is mastering one of the two (either conversions or traffic) forces the other to become mastered as well. In other words, if you are strong at conversions, this will force you to get good at traffic & lead gen. If you are strong at traffic and lead generation, this will force your hand to get good at conversions (regardless if you pay others to do this stuff or not, the key is it MUST BE MASTERED AND DEALT WITH!)

There is no denying.

There is no mistake about it.

If you are STUCK where you are, it’s most likely:

  1. Lack of conversions
  2. Lack of traffic & new leads
  3. Mindset and limited self beliefs (bad mental habits and preconceived notions crippling your results)
  4. Lack of a system or lack of a plan to stick to and force to make work
  5. Lack of technical (stuck because you cannot get sites or landing pages or the technical working right)
  6. Lack of products or offers to sell and promote (more like a lack of a system to stick to)
  7. All of the above (you need coaching if that’s the case, reach out to me right away!)

Those are the main reasons!

Which of the seven listed there are you struggling with?  (All 7?)

Again, reach out to me for coaching and consulting if you finally want to breakthrough all these walls and barriers, because it’s likely you need handholding and help!


Eric Louviere

PS —  The two main reasons most businesses are failing are (lack of conversions and lack of leads).  It’s that simple.  Do not over-complicate it.  If you want to get unstuck and reach MOMENTUM in your business, income and life… then focus on getting more traffic and leads… while mastering the science of conversions!  If you want help on all this, reach out!  Take the action and solve the problems!  Reach out to us now