If I had it my way, I’d center your entire business on appointments.

Let me explain this out for you because this can transform your business virtually overnight.

You see, most professionals like you are out there trying to figure out how to get referrals, or speak on stage to get clients, or network at Chamber Of Commerce mixers, etc. and…

That’s NOT what will drive huge revenue spikes at all

What you should be focused on is purely loading up your calendar with prospects that are “pre-qualified” to buy from you.  You want to laser-focus on booking yourself solid.

By booking yourself solid, you will transform your business (and your finances) quickly.  You’ll be able to severely raise your prices/rates and command much more money.  Your value will skyrocket and you’ll be as magnetic as ever.

You’ll quickly feel in huge demand and that will catapult your confidence and aggressiveness.  Instead of focusing on surviving, you’ll switch to focusing on thriving.

You’re in demand now, and that changes the ballgame

You’ll feel abundant, with momentum, with power and everything is easier when you are loaded with eager prospects chasing you down to get on your calendar!

At first, you’ll be slammed, but the money will be exciting… then you’ll quickly realize you can easily close lots of high-ticket clients without even talking to them at all.

In fact, many of your prospects will “close” via text messages or private messages or emails, never needing to talk to them or sell over the phone at all.

We have tons of clients who never “voice-talk” to a soul — yet close very high-ticket programs of (5k to 30k offers) like clockwork!

However, even if you never speak to a single person over the phone… the key is to STILL fill-up your calendar with “eager prospects who have been pre-qualified and pre-framed to buy from you”

Pre-Framing Prospects!

One thing we teach our clients is to focus on PRE-FRAMING their prospects. This means to “warm them up” or “turn them on” to you and your solution(s) to their problems before they ever get to you!

  • This is where your reputation proceeds you.
  • This is where you get them to K, L, T (Know, like and trust) you!
  • This is where you become magnetic, attractive and fascinating to your prospects.
  • This is when your prospects start chasing you down and even offering to fly to your town and pay you incredible fees to learn 1on1 with you!
  • This is where your money explodes and life changes!

You see, your prospects actually do not care that much about you at all.  They care about themselves.  They care about THEIR problems getting solved.  They are willing to pay sky-high prices if you can solve their problem(s).

You’ve got to pre-frame your leads and turn them on to you!  Get them warmed-up to you and make your “reputation” proceed you, ay before they ever talk to you (or even one of your salespeople).

Then, they are chasing you down!

You Are Now The HUNTED — Not The Hunter!

If you are wondering how we take our clients, who are just like you, and take them from only earning peanuts… to earning incredible incomes, you’re catching a glimpse of that in this article.

One thing we do, is help our clients to “pre-frame” their leads & prospects, and then “sales” becomes like shooting fish in a barrel.  A cakewalk, if you will…

…Even If You Are NOT Good At Sales Or Closing!

Yep, I told you our clients are just like you.

Perhaps you’re rare and are a super star at selling and closing prospects. If so, then more power to you!

However, most of our clients are not hot-shot sales people or closers at all.  They are health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, executives and even web designers or agencies.

They are not sales people at all.

… And therein lies the BEAUTY of our system!

It works even if you are flat terrible at sales!

Imagine having a system that warms up your prospects for you, like through videos or emails.  Then, you hit them with an offer after they are warmed up to you.

You’ve got them turned on, fascinated maybe, and certainly knowing you, liking you and trusting you.

You could text chat with them or email back and forth with them and close deals!  You can do this even without TALKING to them via voice calls on phone or Skype!

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Eric Louviere

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