By Eric Louviere

In this post I’m going to share with you how you can take your ‘knowledge” & “wisdom” and package it all up into a simple “online course” or membership-club…

…And, I’ll show you WHY this is vital to your success as a coach or consultant!

Listen, one of the biggest mindset shifts I can give you is to stop looking at yourself as a coach or consultant and start looking at yourself as a business owner. (Write that down, it’s key)

Doing lots of 1on1 sessions = a job

Owning an online course or club = a business

Too many 1on1 sessions leads to burn-out, frustration, limited revenue, limited time, capped earnings and can even cause you to sabotage your entire business (more on that in a minute)…

REASON #1:  Lack Of Cash-Flow!

If you’re constantly trying to sell your 1on1 coaching, and struggling to get clients to pay even your lowest possible rates… then I hate to tell you, but you’re behind the times.

People are seeking information as a solution to their problems. They want solutions and answers, not (1on1) sessions to schedule and show-up for constantly.  Nobody wants yet another appointment to grind through and schedule.

People are very busy “doing life” and have very little time as it is, so they miss your appointments, reschedule, cancel and get less and less impact from you.

They don’t have the time or desire to meet with a coach 1 on 1 all the time. Plain and simple, they want solutions to their problems on their terms.

This is making it harder for coaches (who provide 1on1 sessions) to sell their coaching services.

Listen, even if coaches have “life-changing” and “Transformative Masterpiece Coaching”… their clients are still not buying all these 1on1 sessions easily.  It’s too much of their time, too much of a grind, and too hard on them!

To top things off, you can only work so many hours per week before your body crashes on you and forces you to recover!  Therefore, you’ll earn way less and end up repelling new clients away instead of attracting more income!

“Oh no, I got a new client!  Please don’t tell your friends about me…”

To earn more, you need an online program, period.

Reason #2:  (1on1 Sessions) And Speaking Gigs Will Burn-You Out!

If you spend all your time selling your 1on1 coaching, then it’s only going to lead to severe burn-out and frustration.  I hope you are scheduling yourself plenty of vacations and rest to recover!

Flying all over the world, living in stale hotel rooms, networking for referrals at local chamber mixers, speaking on stage and giving away free coaching all leads to major burn-out and frustration.

Listen… Less Is More!

You don’t have to work so hard and do so much to simply get to the cash flow.  Plus, your clients don’t even want a thousand 1on1 meetings, they simply want a solution to their problems!

Look, every year I go to the Grand Cayman Islands while my business operates without me. This past summer I was there for 3 months! Every year I go to Aspen for a few weeks!  I average working only about 2-3 days per week all year!

I don’t share this with you to brag but to show you it is possible. I’ve done it, some of my clients and colleagues have done it, and most importantly YOU can do it too.

All the while I’ve been able to earn 7 figures per year and live a lifestyle most dream of… and I’ve got the proof to back it up. Watch me login to PayPal…

Reason #3: So You Can Spend 80% Of Your Time Earning Money Instead Of Doing 1on1 Sessions!

Most coaches spend all their time doing 1on1 sessions.  This is a job.  Instead, spend most of your time making money!  Spend 80% of your time generating cash-flow and revenue, rather than spending all your time fulfilling on clients.

Think about it, if you have 40 hours per week… how many of those hours are spent coaching people 1on1… prep work for your clients… post work for your clients…

And how much time do you spend generating revenue?

What if you earned way more, while working way less? Imagine being able to spend 80%+ of your time earning money instead of doing 1on1’s.

Doesn’t that make much more sense?

Reason #4: Because There Are Hundreds Of Reasons Why An Online Program Beats 1on1 Coaching!

I can give you hundreds of reasons because I’ve been there and done that myself for over 12 years now!

Here are some reasons why you want an online program to market:

  • It’s 2017 not 1976 and today you can automate a ton of stuff online
  • Courses and online clubs is what your customers want
  • They can log in anytime they want, even 4am and get their fix
  • You’ll make a bigger impact on more people!
  • It removes a lot of “personality conflicts” and “toxic headache people from your schedule.
  • It gives your customers steps to take, progress to track and they consume more of your wisdom with an online program
  • They can go at their own pace versus the pace you want them to go at.
  • The online course or club does most of the heavy lifting for you, the grunt work
  • They will LOVE and adore you more!

It Took Me Years To Learn This Stuff!

I’ve decided to take some of my very best insights and wisdom and give it away for no cost…

You see, I’ve helped tons of people for 12 years now breakthrough to higher incomes while working way less. Here are messages from just some of my clients…

“Hey Guys, So far this month I’ve been able to do around 37k massive improvement on my previous months. In fact it’s my best month ever, super stoked. How would I scale this to 100k months? Truly grateful for everything you guys have done so far.”

“I sold a $500 product to 50 people last month. Those 50 people have been nurtured all month. This month, I just closed $50,000 in new business from that 50 person list based on our conversation this past weekend. 3 full pay 10k clients and 2 – 1k/10 month clients.”

“Almost at 4 Million. #JSB Eric I would totally recommend you and your coaching. You have been instrumental to my success, and paying you to be on my ass about traffic and conversions literally changed my life. The formula is simple. All you gotta do is follow it.”


Why does having an online program work so well? Because it’s based on over 12 years of experience in the trenches as a coach & consultant myself!

However, I get you may have more questions or you’re just not quite sure how to apply everything I’ve shared here today.

If that’s the case I recorded this video that takes you deeper into all the steps and how to make this work. On this video I’ll share with you:

  • Why specializing is key
  • Why having this simple sales funnel is very lucrative
  • Why clients pay high-ticket prices
  • Why you don’t need a name, or to be famous or have a following already
  • Why traffic and leads are gamechangers!

I highly encourage you to go through this video, take notes, and implement what I teach. How long are you willing to continue on the path you’re on now? How long are you willing to put off living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?

Regardless of what you choose I hope this article gave you amazing insight and helps you along your journey. Just remember, if you continue doing what you’re doing you’ll keep getting what you already got.

But if you’re ready to make a real, impactful change, then watch this video and take my proven tactics to change your business and life forever.

If you are finally ready to transform to a higher income level, then what are you waiting for, go watch this video right now.

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Eric Louviere
CEO & Founder
Client Amplify

P.S. If you’re still reading and not sure if you should watch that video or not I created this short video explaining what I will be teaching you inside:

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